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We support/endorse the following:

Come Over And Help: COAH is an organization committed to providing aid to churches and Christians in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union through church building, literature work, orphanages, pastor training, and material help.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary: GPTS is committed to training passionate, articulate preachers of the Gospel in the historic Reformed faith. All degree programs emphasize personal piety, knowledge of the Word, and application of the Word.

Open Air Mission: As a Mission, OAM is keen to help encourage and train individual Christians and churches to take up the challenge of open-air outreach. They are glad to lead seminars followed by the practical application of going onto the streets in order to preach the gospel and engage with people one-to-one about the things of the Lord. OAM also produces large amounts of good quality literature, which is available for anyone interested to buy at very reasonable rates. The Mission also provides follow-up for those who express an interest in knowing more. They are always keen to direct people to good local churches.

Westminster Biblical Missions: WBM is committed to planting and multiplying Reformed churches on the foreign field. To accomplish this, believers must be trained to teach their own people of Christ and His truth. The role of foreign missionaries should not be that of doing the work so much as that of showing nationals how to do it-training them to stand in the faith, defend the faith, and spread the faith.

OPC Foreign Missions: The foreign missions work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) is conducted through its Committee on Foreign Missions as a part of the Church’s total Worldwide Outreach program. Realizing that God upholds, directs, and disposes all things by his most wise and holy providence, we are committed to pursue the opportunities He presents to us to further the proclamation of the gospel to the nations, always bearing in mind that ultimately He is the one who provides the clear and focused opportunity, the necessary personnel, and the required support. We have eight active mission fields—China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Quebec, Uganda, Ukraine, and Uruguay.