Faith which receives Christ is as simple an act as when your child receives an apple from you, because you hold it out and promise to give him the apple if he comes for it. The belief and the receiving relate only to an apple; but they make up precisely the same act as the faith which deals with eternal salvation. What the child’s hand is to the apple, that your faith is to the perfect salvation of Christ. The child’s hand does not make the apple, nor improve the apple, nor deserve the apple; it only takes it; and faith is chosen by God to be the receiver of salvation, because it does not pretend to create salvation, nor to help in it, but it is content humbly to receive it. “Faith is the tongue that begs pardon, the hand which receives it, and the eye which sees it; but it is not the price which buys it.” Faith never makes itself the basis on which pardon should be given, it rests all its argument upon the blood of Christ. It becomes a good servant to bring the riches of the Lord Jesus to the soul, because it acknowledges where it drew them from, and admits that grace alone entrusted it with them.

Adapted from “All of Grace” by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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