Certainly faith does for us what nothing else can do; it gives us joy and peace, and causes us to enter into rest. Why do men attempt to gain salvation by other means? An old preacher says, “A silly servant who is asked to open a door, sets his shoulder to it and pushes with all his might; but the door doesn’t move, and he can’t enter, as hard as he tries. Another servant comes with a key, and easily unlocks the door, and enters. Those who would be saved by their own efforts are pushing at heaven’s gate with no result; but faith is the key which opens the gate at once.” Reader, will you not use that key? The Lord commands you to believe in His dear Son, therefore you may do so; and doing so you shall live. Isn’t this the promise of the gospel, “He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved”? (Mark 16:16). What can be your objection to a way of salvation which commends itself to the mercy and the wisdom of our gracious God?

(Adapted from “All of Grace” by Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

Faith Is the Eye Which Looks
Faith Is the Hand Which Grasps