Sermons on 2 Kings

This is a day of Good News!

2 Kings 6:24-7:20 Israel had sinned against God and now its capital city, Samaria, was under siege to the Arameans. Elisha the prophet is in the city and foretells a wonderful deliverance from God. This is subsequently discovered by a group of lepers who initially keep the

Wash and be Cleansed

2 Kings 5:1-19 Naaman, the captain of the army of the King of Aram, was a great man but had leprosy. He heard there was a prophet in Israel who could heal him, so he came to see Elisha. However, Naaman didn’t like the way of healing that Elisha proposed. We see the s

The Opposition of False Worship

2 Kings 23:1-25 Since God takes His holy worship very seriously, it is your duty to hate all false worship, and to do everything within your power to put an end to it.