Sermons on 2 Samuel

The Promised Land

2 Samuel 8 This morning, we see the Lord use David to conquer the remaining land He promised to give Abraham and His people. This was a picture of what Jesus would do in subduing all His enemies and ruling as King over all God’s creation.

The Davidic Covenant

2 Samuel 7 We consider another way in which the Lord advanced His work of salvation in David’s days: by His giving to David the fifth revelation of the Covenant of Grace. David sets his heart on building a house for God, but God tells David that it is His intentio

The Holy City

2 Samuel 5:1-10 Adding to the light that He gave with the coming of King David, the Lord provides a wonderful picture of His Church in the city of Jerusalem. We see David conquer that city, where the Lord was pleased to place His name.

The Sweet Psalmist of Israel

2 Samuel 23:1-8 We consider another great leap forward in God’s revelation to His Church: the Psalms David wrote. The Psalms not only contain many prophecies about Christ, but the Lord also appointed them to be used in worship…