Sermons on Ezra

Seeking the Lord through Fasting

Ezra 8:23 In our message this week, we have a reminder of the duty of fasting for the believer. We consider five things: *What fasting is. *Why we ought to fast. *The circumstances in which we should fast. *The benefits of fasting. *How to fast.

Revival and Revelation

Ezra 10 We see another way the Lord advanced His work: through revival and revelation. The Lord worked through Ezra to further establish the Scriptural foundation that would secure the church for ages to come.

The Return

Ezra 1 We consider the next large step forward in the history of redemption: the overthrow of Babylon and the return of God’s people to the land of promise.

Ordination Service for Pastor Shaun Bryant

Ezra 7:1-26 This is the audio recording of the ordination service of Pastor Shaun Bryant. Details of the participants may be found in the ‘speaking notes’ file, which contains the order of worship for the service.