Sermons on Genesis

Blessings Follow Affliction

Genesis 41:45-57 There is a great spiritual famine in the world today. We are challenged to be like Joseph and preach the bread of life to the famished people in the earth.

A Forgiving Heart

Genesis 45:1-15 We look at the way Joseph forgave his brothers for selling him into Egypt and see how this applies to us.

Walk with God

Genesis 5:21-24 We consider that to be useful to the Lord, we must walk with God, like Enoch, whom the Lord took to be with Him because Enoch was pleasing to Him.

Prayer Matters, Part 3

Genesis 18:16-33, 19:29 We consider the subject of „effective prayer„, looking at examples of this kind of prayer from the Bible and Church history in order to see what it is and how we can begin to pray truly effectively.

Shiloh is Coming

Genesis 49:8-12 We consider the final revelation in the book of Genesis that God gave of His redemptive plans in the Lord Jesus. When Jacob was dying, he blessed his sons and we see Christ clearly foretold in the blessing given to Judah. We see: * The blessi

You Meant it for Evil, but God for Good

Genesis 50:20 We consider another way the Lord disciplines/trains His people: through adversity. This is something the Lord frequently does. It’s not easy to go through difficult times, but we need to remember that when we do, they are all a part of God’s plan.