Sermons on Isaiah

A Future with a Future

Isaiah 40:1-11 As we look forward to the new year, we consider that Christians have a future full of hope in the Gospel.

Why We Believe God Is in Control

Isaiah 46:9-10 God is in control. He is able to declare the end from the beginning, establishing His purposes and accomplishing all His good pleasure. He is able to do this not just because He knows what will happen, but because He planned it and because He has the pow

Man of Sorrows

Isaiah 53:3 We aim to grow in our understanding of the person and work of Christ by considering Him as the Man of Sorrows. Truly, there was never sorrow like His sorrow, and we see that everything that happened to Jesus during His time on earth was absolutely neces

He Will See His Offspring

Isaiah 53:10 Revivals are a means of bringing in more of Christ’s sheep. Our passage reminds us that Jesus had a work to do when He came into the world; He was sent specifically to give Himself as a guilt offering for the sins of His people.