Sermons on James

Why We Believe a Saving Faith Is a Working Faith

James 2:26 Though it’s true that we’re saved by grace through faith alone (as we saw earlier in this series), we are not saved by a faith that is alone. True saving faith will always be accompanied by works. If it isn’t, it’s a dead faith that can’t save.

A Doer of the Word

James 1:19-27 It is not enough to hear the Word of God. It is not enough even to hear it with enjoyment. We must do the things God tells us in the Bible, or we are hypocrites. As we begin a new year, we are challenged to do what we are commanded in the Word.

He Gives Grace to the Humble

James 4:6 As we reflect on the kind of people that God can use, we examine several Biblical tests that help us to assess the degree of our humility.

Is Sin Really That Serious?

James 1:13-16 We consider one of the many things that keeps us from following Jesus: not taking sin as seriously as we should. Our sins may seem small to us, but even the smallest sin is an abomination to God.

Why Does God Send Trials?

James 1:1-4 We consider three points as we seek to answer the question, „Why does the Lord send trials?„: *First, what is a trial? *Second, why does God send trials? *And third, what should we do when He sends them?

Faith Perfected by Works

James 2:22 Tonight we look at another reason that good works are the best evidence of a true faith. Since God saves us for good works, these works are the goal of our faith, and they complete our faith.

Be a Doer of the Word

James 1:19-27 As we face the beginning of a new year, we are urged from James 1:19-27 and other passages of Scripture not just to be diligent in our reading of the Word, but also to allow that Word to conform us more and more into the image of Christ.

Spiritual Declension

James 5:19-20 This morning we examine the principle of spiritual declension and how we must fervently seek the Lord in order to avoid it. James has closed his letter with three final thoughts: oaths and vows, godly responses to God’s varying providences, and finally, s