Sermons on Job

He Will Preserve You from Trouble

Job 5:8-27 We look at one more very important promise of physical blessing from God to His children: that the Lord will deliver us from trouble, if we will walk with Him. We consider this promise in general, and then look at some of the specifics.

Whom do you Really Love?

Job 1-2:10 We continue to explore the marks of true saving grace in the souls – those things produced by the Holy Spirit that Satan cannot and would not counterfeit. In this message, we see that truly gracious affections are founded on love for God.

The Godly Response to Sin

Job 42:1-6 Tonight we discuss the differences between the responses of the believer and the unbeliever toward sin. The believer will have a very distinct reaction to his sin which an unbeliever will never experience.