Sermons on Mark

How Should We Do Missionary Work?

Mark 16:1-16 We need to arm ourselves with a knowledge of the Gospel, the desire to share it with others, and a life that is consistent with it, if we are to be effective in our missionary work.

Preach the Gospel to All Creation

Mark 16:15-20 This message closes our series in the Gospel of Mark. In it, we see the mission that Jesus gave to His disciples and through them, to us. We also take a look at what Jesus meant concerning the signs that would attend those who would believe in the Gosp

Because He Lives, You Will Live!

Mark 16:1-14 We reflect on the resurrection and see how important it is as an event in history – why there could be no salvation without it. We review why it was important for the Lord Jesus Christ and for every true believer. Finally, we consider how important it

Jesus: the Only Way to God

Mark 15:16-47 We meditate on the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ and reflect on the fact that from the way the events unfolded, He must be the only way of salvation from sin.