Sermons on Revelation

There Will Be No More Night

Revelation 22:1-7 The Bible ends and begins with God as the sole, glorious source of light, and no need of the sun and moon. The light of God keeps breaking in through history. Believers are challenged to be the light of Christ today; unbelievers to come to His light.

The Lion of Judah

Revelation 5:5 As the Lion of the tribe of Judah, we see that Jesus is the Vouchsafed (promised) King, the Victorious King, and the Vengeful King.

Why We Believe in an Optimistic Future, Part 4

Revelation 1:1-7 This evening, we consider two more passages that at first sight may appear to stand in the way of an optimistic view concerning the future of God’s kingdom on earth: the Olivet Discourse and the Book of Revelation. We see that in both cases there are sig