Christ the Anointed

God Will Set Up a Kingdom

Daniel 2:36-45 We consider the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and its overthrow by the stone ‘cut without hands’. We are encouraged by this prophecy that the Lord Jesus will bring in an everlasting Kingdom that will cover the whole Earth and will be wiser, stronger a

He Who Believes Will Not be Disappointed

Isaiah 28:16 We take another look at the Lord Jesus Christ as the chosen and precious Cornerstone. We see how he is described in Isaiah and in Peter, where this passage is quoted. We admire the qualities of our Savior that make Him such a precious, valuable, chosen an

The Stone Rejected Became The Chief Corner Stone

Psalm 118:22-24 We review this very familiar passage and see from the New Testament how it speaks about the rejection of Christ by the Jewish leaders, His resurrection from the dead to become Head over all things for the Church and the commemoration of that event in the

You Will Not Abandon My Soul to Sheol

Psalm 16 This is another Psalm that talks of the suffering and resurrection of Christ. David rejoices in His God but we also see the delight that Jesus has in His Father and the security and trust He had that God would deliver Him from all His troubles. If we ar

Christ’s Betrayal and Rejection

Psalm 41:9 We first look at a promise of God to treat us the same way we treat others. We see that if we take care of the poor then God will take care of us in our time of need. Or, in more general terms, if we obey God He will bless us. Next we see that if we sin

The Earthly Days of Jesus

Micah 5:2 We view the breathtaking panorama of the life of Christ as it is revealed to us through the prophets of the Old Testament – beginning with the agreement God the Father made with God the Son in eternity past, through to His birth, life, ministry, death and

He Will Give His Angels Charge Concerning You

Psalm 91 Those who ‘dwell in the shadow of the Most High’ – those who are true believers – are promised great things in this Psalm. While we are not promised freedom from all earthly trials, we are promised protection, final deliverance and a place in heaven.

Who Is This Coming One?

Isaiah 9:6-7 The promised Christ will be Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace yet He will be humble, coming as a child and a son. His coming is for us.

You Have Made Him a Little Lower than God

Psalm 8 God has revealed Himself on earth, in the heavens and even from the lips of children. In the light of this revelation of Himself, David asks who man is that God should think of him. David meditates on man’s original created condition, greatly altered as a

A Shoot Will Spring From Jesse

Isaiah 11:1-10 We return to reflect on the Kingship of out Lord, Jesus Christ – how he would arise when the line of David had effectively been reduced to a ‘stump’ – how He would be anointed with the Holy Spirit to perform His ministry, how He would rule with justice an

The Counsel of Peace Will be Between His Offices

Zechariah 6:12-13 Judah is returning from exile in Babylon. Here, Joshua the High Priest is to be crowned and then the crown is to be placed in the Temple as a memorial of the one who will build it. We see how all this points to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Branch from the