Desiring God's Presence

Put on the Armor of Light

Romans 13:12-14 We continue to explore our communion with God. We see that we are to defend ourselves against all sins, no matter how great or small we see them to be. To help us in this fight, we have the armor of God and we need to learn to use it effectively if we are

Desiring God’s Presence

Psalm 51:11 David fears to lose communion with the Holy Spirit as he laments his sin with Bathsheba. Through the words of some great saints of old, we consider whether we truly love God and desire His presence above everything. Then we see how it is that sin robs us

I Will Seek You Earnestly

Psalm 63 Psalm 63 is one of the more devotional of the Psalms and we consider David’s hunger and thirst for God as they are revealed in it. Driven away from the visible marks of God’s presence with His people, probably through the attempted coup by Absalom, David