Essentials of Prayer

Prayer, Part 11

Matthew 6:13 We look at the last thing Jesus teaches to pray for in the Lord’s Prayer: that God would not bring us into a time of testing, but deliver us from all evil. We see that Jesus is here teaching us that when we pray, we should pray that the Father would not

Prayer, Part 10

Matthew 6:12, 14-15 We consider the petition that is directed at what is one of the greatest problems in the church today: the problem of unforgiveness.

Prayer, Part 9

Matthew 6:11 We begin to look at what we should be praying for ourselves. Jesus teaches us to pray, „Give us this day our daily bread,„ which is a prayer that the Lord would provide our daily needs.

Prayer, Part 8

Matthew 6:10 We look at the petition, „Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,„ which is something that must necessarily come with God’s kingdom.

Prayer, Part 7

Matthew 6:10 We look at the petition, „Your kingdom come,„ again from a different angle. We focus on whether the Bible indicates the success of the kingdom in this world before it comes in its final state.

Prayer, Part 6

Matthew 6:10 We explore the meaning of the petition, „Your kingdom come„ and seek to understand how it applies to us today. We are encouraged to take up this prayer on our own hearts.

Prayer, Part 5

Matthew 6:9 From the first petition, „Hallowed be Your name,„ we learn that God wants us to pray that all men everywhere would treat His name as holy; that they would treat Him as God.

Prayer, Part 4

Matthew 6:9 We continue to study the preface to the Lord’s Prayer, „Our Father, who is in heaven.„ We learn that we are to address God as our Father, as those who are adopted members of His family. However, we are to do so with reverence, remembering that He is in h

Prayer, Part 3

Matthew 6:9 We look at the introductory words to the Lord’s Prayer, „Pray, then, in this way,„ and begin looking at the preface, „Our Father who is in heaven.„

Prayer, Part 2

Matthew 6:5-8 In this lesson, we look at how we are to pray. Since prayer is an act of worship, it is important to the Lord how we pray. We are NOT to: *Use vain repetitions or meaningless phrases *Pray to be seen by men or to receive honor from men.

Prayer, Part 1

Beginning a series on the subject of prayer, we look at basic questions such as, ‘What is prayer?’, ‘Who can pray?’, ‘Whom do we pray to?’. We find answers from Scripture in each case.