Jacob and Joseph Die in Faith

Genesis 49:28 – 50:26 We conclude our series in the book of Genesis by seeing Jacob and Joseph dying old and full of years – a mark of God’s blessing. Both demonstrated by their final remarks that they were looking forward to the fulfillment of God’s promises, and the writer t

Jacob’s Blessings to His Sons

Genesis 49 Shortly before his death, Jacob calls his sons around him and blesses them. We see that for many, the consequences of their sin materially affected the blessings they received. We also trace the material blessings as they are given to Joseph, whilst the p

Joseph’s Double Portion

Genesis 48 Joseph brings his sons to receive the blessing from Jacob before he dies. Again in this account, we see in Joseph pictures of the person and work of Christ and we are comforted to think that God’s promises secured for us in Him are as sure as those in wh

The Lord Preserves Jacob in Egypt

Genesis 45:16 – 47:31 Jacob is persuaded that Joseph is still alive and he journeys to Egypt to be reunited with his son. Despite his move to Egypt, his heart remains in the land of promise. Again from this wonderful account, we see Christ and His worked pictured and we draw

Reconciliation Accomplished

Genesis 44-45:15 Joseph’s plans to test his brothers and their attitude to Benjamin come to fruition. In this moving account, we see that the brothers had indeed repented of their sin in dealing with Joseph. We see Judah make good on his vow to be surety for Benjamin and

The Second Trip to Egypt

Genesis 43 We trace God’s hand as He works out the deliverance of His people from the famine. Messiah would ultimately come from them so that we might be saved today. We understand how Joseph is acting to test his brothers and to see if there is any repentance among

Reconciliation Begins

Genesis 41:53 – 42:38 We continue to look at Joseph’s story. We are struck by the parallels between the situation in the land then and our current spiritual situation. There is a great famine of the Word of God even in many so-called churches today. Yet with Christ there is a

Joseph Becomes a Ruler of Egypt

Genesis 41:1-52 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream and is raised to the second in command of Egypt . We see again that God’s hand was at work in the whole of Joseph’s life to bring him to this position. In all the the difficulties that he faced, Joseph never blamed God bu

The Lord Prepares to Exalt Joseph

Genesis 40 Joseph is enabled to interpret the dreams of two men Pharaoh has thrown into jail. We see how intricately God worked His purposes out, using Joseph’s character and Pharaoh’s servants as a part of His plan to rescue His people. The ultimate aim, as always,

Joseph and Potiphar

Genesis 39 We ask if Joseph’s life, in which he was so much prospered by the Lord in this world, is normative for the believer. We find passages in Scripture such as Psalm 73 that indicate this is not the case. We marvel again at God’s purposes to save Israel throu

Judah and Tamar

Genesis 38 This chapter is an account of sin and wickedness on the part of Judah – in intermarrying with a Canaanite woman, in not fulfilling his word concerning giving his third son to Tamar to be her husband, and in his unwitting fornication with Tamar. Later in

God Prepares to Save His People

Genesis 37 The sovereign power of God is in view once again as we see the way He prepared to save His chosen people (through whom Messiah would come) from a terrible famine. He does this through the favoritism of Jacob toward Joseph and the prophetic dreams Joseph h