Genesis (Page 2)

The Sons of Isaac and Their Seed

Genesis 35:16-36:43 We once again look at how God keeps his people separate from the World. Once Isaac dies, Jacob and Esau part from one another. Esau and his sons take wives from Canaan and move to Mount Seir. The line of Esau becomes the nation of Edom. We see how God’s

God Renews His Covenant with Jacob

Genesis 35:1-15 We see God reviving His people in this episode in the life of Jacob. First, God calls Jacob to return to the place where He had first revealed Himself to him. Jacob doesn’t merely obey but calls upon his household to get rid of the foreign gods among them

The Lord Keeps His People Holy

Genesis 34 Jacob’s daughter Dinah, attracted to the women of the Canaanites, is defiled by one of their princes and Jacob doesn’t know how to respond. Ultimately, his sons act deceitfully towards the Canaanites in order to take revenge. We see: * Behind the scenes

The God of Israel

Genesis 33 The faithfulness of God shines forth in this account as we see Jacob finally coming face to face with Esau. True to His Word, Jacob was not harmed. We also see the commitment of Jacob to God – he would not be turned aside to go with Esau to Seir under Es

Wrestling with God

Genesis 32:24-32 In this sermon we look at how Jacob wrestled with God and eventually received His promised blessing. We look at Jacob’s earnestness in prayer to God and the duration of his struggle and see that we should also struggle with God in prayer to receive His p

Jacob’s Fear of Esau

Genesis 32:1-21 In this sermon we see how God protects Jacob in accordance with his covenant promises. We see that God protects Jacob by: * Sending a host of angels to protect him. * Giving him the wisdom to send messengers ahead of him to see what was in Esau’s heart

The Lord Sets Jacob Apart

Genesis 31 As we continue our study of Genesis, we see how important it is for God’s people to be set apart from the World. We look at how God showed Jacob that it was His will for him to return to the land of promise. We apply this to ourselves by seeing that God

The Fulfillment of the Promise Begins

Genesis 29-30 We admire the faithfulness of our God as He begins to fulfill the promises He had made to Jacob – first by giving him a wife, then by multiplying his children and finally by increasing his wealth. We draw useful observations and lessons out of each of th

God Confirms His Covenant with Jacob

Genesis 28 We continue to study the book of Genesis, following the line of God’s people through which He has blessed the entire world by His Son. In this chapter we see that Jacob is sent to get a faithful wife from his relatives. On his way, God appears to him in

God’s Choice Stands!

Genesis 27 Isaac, Rebekah, Esau and Jacob all make sinful choices over the issue of Isaac’s blessing yet God still carries forward His purposes, previously announced in prophecy. We see the comfort of God’s sovereign purposes – that He is able to use even our sinfu

The Covenant Renewed with Isaac

Genesis 26 We review the life of Isaac, seeing him as a man of faith who was greatly influenced by his father Abraham – both as to his strengths but sadly also his weaknesses. We apply the various episodes of his life to our contemporary situation.

The Flesh and the Spirit

Genesis 25:12-34 We examine the failings that can occur in a covenant family. We see that the faith of the parents is not always passed to children, even when they are raised according to God’s Word. We also see how God’s sovereignty works all things together for good, ev