God's Providence

Chapter 5 – God’s dealings with the wicked

We return to our series on providence. We have seen how God deals with His children, even in their sin and wandering, to humble them and draw them nearer to Him in love and dependence. Now we see how God deals with the wicked and their sin. The end of all

Chapter 5 – Temptation and Sin in the Believer

We move on in our series to consider the subject of sin in the believer and temptation to sin. We consider this in the light of God’s providence and try to understand why God ordains things as He does and what His purposes are. We find encouragement in se

Chapter 5 – Extraordinary Providence

So far in this series, we have been considering God’s normal providence – His ordinary way of working. This morning we look at the extraordinary providence of God (or miracles) and we discuss who is able to work miracles, what their purpose is (or was) an

Chapter 5 – What is God’s Providence?

We begin a new series on the Providence of God. In this lesson, we consider what God’s Providence is and why it is important that we should look at it. The subject sits well with the topic we have just considered – Godly Decision Making – and with what we