Gospel Sermons

Salvation Must Be by Grace through Faith Alone

Romans 1:17 This morning, we revisit the Gospel so we can make sure we understand it. The result should be that those who know the Lord will rejoice again in His free grace, and those who don’t know this grace may find it in Jesus Christ.

He Has Risen!

Matthew 28:6 After His crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. What should the resurrection mean to you? If you’re a believer, you should be happy. The One you love is alive!

The Resurrection and the Life

John 11:25-26 Do we need to be afraid of death? We do if we are not ready for it, but if we are trusting in Jesus, we do not. We consider two things: *First, why we should be afraid of death, if we are not ready, and *Second, how Jesus can take this fear away.

The Lord Our Righteousness

Jeremiah 33:14-21 Writing 600 years before Jesus came, Jeremiah prophesies about One Who would come from the line of David to save His people. We see that: #The One coming would be the Lord #He would also be our Righteousness, our Savior.

No Longer Slaves, but Children of God

Galatians 4:1-7 As we prepare to examine the life and hymns of Charles Wesley this evening in the next installment of our 12th annual Reformation Lecture Series, we consider a theme around which he wrote many of his hymns.

Jesus Is Lord and Christ

Acts 2:22-36 Is there someone who will hold us accountable for the wrong we have done? Knowing from our consciences that the answer is yes, is there a way we can get out of paying for those wrongs?

Hope in the Resurrection

1 Peter 1:3-5 How has God provided the basis for living hope? Peter tells us that it is through the resurrection of Christ. But He also shows us Who this Christ is, so we may not believe in the wrong Jesus.

Why do We Need Jesus?

Acts 4:12 Taking advantage of the Christmas season, we remind ourselves why we all need Jesus to be our Savior. We examine the reasons why many do not realize this need: because scientists tell them there is no God, because they think they are good enough for God

The Headwaters of Grace

John 7:34-39 We meditate on this wonderful passage, and particularly on Christ, Who for the believer is the fountain of all good and all grace in this world, and who guarantees our eternal security by His almighty power.

The Stone the Builders Rejected

Acts 4:11-12 As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ at this time of the year, we consider a prophetic description of this event that was originally given in Psalm 118:22 and was then used by Peter in a sermon during the early days of the church.

You Shall Call His Name Jesus

Matthew 1:21 As we approach the time of year when we remember Jesus’ birth, we consider 3 points regarding Him and His name: * The meaning of the name, ‘Jesus’ * Why He is called by that name * How He accomplished the mission implicit in His name