Gospel Sermons (Page 2)

The Proof of the Resurrection

Acts 17:16-34 Paul is visiting Athens and is greatly distressed to see the great amount of idolatry. The number of idols was so large in Athens that an altar had even been erected with the inscription ‘To an unknown god’. Paul preaches to them the good news of Jesus Ch

Here is Your God

Isaiah 40:9-11 From Isaiah, we learn that we are to proclaim the arrival of the Messiah. We see examples of how the disciples did just this when they first met Christ, and we see both how the faithful are meant to respond to the Messiah’s arrival and…

Jesus Brings Life From the Dead

1 Corinthians 15:21 This Easter Sunday, we consider where life came from, examining the Evolution perspective as compared to Creation. Seeing that life is God’s creation, we then consider why it is that people and animals must die, and why there is sin in the world. Finally,

A Better Resurrection

Hebrews 11:35 We learn about the better resurrection – how we can know we are saved. We find out how it is that we attain to it, and receive encouragement and insights to help us attain the better resurrection for ourselves and to continue in this way.

Christ, the Savior, is Born

Luke 2:10-11 We consider the importance of the birth of Christ, which we particularly remember on this day. We learn that it is not enough just to know the facts about Jesus, or even to believe that they are true. We must also trust in Christ for our salvation. This i

Christ, the Lord, is Born

Luke 2:10-11 As well as being our Savior, Jesus Christ is also our King. As such, He subdues His people to Himself and then rules over them for their good. He also protects them from harm, restraining the sin of men and the power of the Devil and his angels so that th

He Was Raised for Our Justification

Romans 4:25 On this Easter Sunday, we look at the amazing sacrifice our Lord Jesus Christ made for His people. Out of love for us and for His Father, He underwent the horrific death of the cross and suffered Hell as God poured out His wrath on Him there. This sacrifi

He Became Poor For Your Sake

2 Corinthians 8:9 As we look forward to the advent of Christ, we examine His complete and utter humility and attitude of service, having come from the riches of heaven, and from being the Lawmaker, to being in poverty and under the Law. We look at His example, His work, an

God Raised Him From the Dead

Acts 13:13-41 We celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by reviewing this sermon of the Apostle Paul during his first missionary journey. We see how Christ came in fulfillment of all the promises given to Adam and Eve, to Abraham and to David. We reflect o

The Call of Wisdom and the Call of Folly

Proverbs 9 As we end 2003, we are invited to review our spiritual condition and to resolve to live for God in 2004. To help us with the review, we look at the calls of Wisdom and Folly in this passage. We see how different they are and yet, in certain ways, how simi

For God So Loved that He Gave

John 3:16 At the Christmas season once again, we reflect on the greatness of the Gift of God by comparing His giving with our own. We see: * We give to those we love; He gave to those He did not have to love. * We give to those who love us; He gave to those who a