Spiritual Declension

James 5:19-20 This morning we examine the principle of spiritual declension and how we must fervently seek the Lord in order to avoid it. James has closed his letter with three final thoughts: oaths and vows, godly responses to God’s varying providences, and finally, s

The Ministry of Reconciliation

James 5:19-20 Having examined the reality of spiritual declension, and seen the means of avoiding such backsliding (namely, pressing forward with zeal for the Lord and following Him), we now turn our attention to our responsibility to each other as believers and member

Godly Responses to God’s Providence

James 5:13-16 James tells us how we should respond to the different situations in which we find ourselves in God’s Providence. If we are suffering, we must pray. If we are cheerful, we must sing praises. If we are sick, we must call for the elders and ask for prayer. E

Effective Prayer

James 5:17-18 James reminds us how powerful prayer is through the example of Elijah. Elijah was just like any other believer, only he was particularly fervent in his zeal for God’s glory. Because of this, his prayers had power with God. If we are to see answers to our

Let Your Yes Be Yes, Part 1

James 5:12 This morning we examine the proper and improper swearing of oaths and vows. Though it may at first appear from the text that the swearing of all oaths is forbidden, we see from other Scriptures that it is only the swearing of sinful, false, foolish, or ot

Let Your Yes Be Yes, Part 2

James 5:12 This evening we continue the lesson on taking oaths and vows with a more specific look at the nature of swearing a vow. We look at: * How oaths and vows have been used historically. * Circumstances in which the taking of an oath or vow is acceptable. *

The Judgment of the Wicked

James 5:1-6 Throughout this letter, James has been addressing the problems in the church caused by those who are rich. He has already dealt amongst other things with favoritism and with those who pursued business and became presumptuous. Today, he confronts his reade

The Vindication of the Righteous

James 5:7-11 Having looked this morning at the fate the wicked will suffer, we now examine the case of the righteous as they endure persecution from the wicked. We see: * What they are to do (James tells them that they are to be patient and strengthen their hearts,

If The Lord Wills

James 4:13-16 This morning we are reminded that we must be in submission to God’s Will. God has two Wills which are in harmony with each other. The first, His Preceptive Will, is revealed to us in the Bible. The second, His Decretive Will, is secret and known only to G

Practice What You Know

James 4:17 Further considering submition to God’s Will, James now draws our attention to the overarching subject of sins of omission. Our path of true happiness lies in doing the whole will of God and we see that this consists not only in refraining from doing all t

Be a Doer of the Law, Not Its Judge

James 4:11 God created us, and has the right to tell us right from wrong. His Law is perfect and does not change, and we are called to obey it, though we are no longer judged by it. It is the sin in us which makes us want to break the Law or change its standards to

There Is One Lawgiver and Judge

James 4:12 Expanding the theme from this morning, we now take a closer look at God’s authority to make Law. As our creator, He and He alone has the right to tell us right from wrong. He may delegate authority to make laws to our governments but they must not make la