Mark's Gospel

Preach the Gospel to All Creation

Mark 16:15-20 This message closes our series in the Gospel of Mark. In it, we see the mission that Jesus gave to His disciples and through them, to us. We also take a look at what Jesus meant concerning the signs that would attend those who would believe in the Gosp

Because He Lives, You Will Live!

Mark 16:1-14 We reflect on the resurrection and see how important it is as an event in history – why there could be no salvation without it. We review why it was important for the Lord Jesus Christ and for every true believer. Finally, we consider how important it

Jesus: the Only Way to God

Mark 15:16-47 We meditate on the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ and reflect on the fact that from the way the events unfolded, He must be the only way of salvation from sin.

The King Is Rejected

Mark 15:1-15 Having rapturously received Jesus into Jerusalem only a few short days before, the Jews and their leaders now completely reject Him. We piece together the full story from the various Gospel accounts and see two things:

He Will Never Let You Go

Mark 14:66-72 True believers still sin, but the Lord will never cast you away for your sins: He will bring you to repentance and forgive you.

On Trial for Us

Mark 14:53-65 We see Jesus on trial before the chief priests and elders, and see Him condemned and beaten. We consider that if we are believing in Him then what He went through in His sufferings He endured for us. We are challenged to do for Him what He did for us: st

He Protects His Own

Mark 14:43-52 In this message, we begin to approach one of the most important parts of the work of salvation – Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, the payment He made for our sins that forever frees us from God’s wrath.

The Spirit Is Willing, the Flesh Weak

Mark 14:32-42 Having looked at this account from the perspective of the Lord Jesus Christ, we revisit it to consider it from the disciples’ point of view. We focus particularly on Jesus’ diagnosis of their condition – their spirit was willing but their flesh was weak

If It’s Possible, Let This Cup Pass

Mark 14:32-42 We consider Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, realizing that it reveals something of the importance of His work: Jesus pleaded that if it was His Father’s will, that the cup would pass from him.

Only by His Grace

Mark 14:27-31 Why were the disciples unable to keep themselves from abandoning Jesus when He was arrested, even after He told them that it would happen? While we are free to choose what we want, we see that we are not in control of the things that happen in our lives

Praise Him at All Times

Mark 14:26 The Last Supper had ended, and Jesus and the disciples did what was customary to do at the conclusion of the Passover: they sang a group of hymns (Psalms 113-118) which were called the Hallell (meaning „praise„ in Hebrew). We consider how interesting it