Matthew's Gospel

The Resurrection

Matthew 27:62-28:15 The religious leaders tried to prevent the resurrection by posting a guard and sealing the tomb. When this failed, they orchestrated a cover up. Their lies kept the Jews in darkness, just as Satan’s lies keep unbelievers in darkness. The appearance of th

Jesus Pays the Penalty for Our Sins

Matthew 27:27-61 We come to the climax of the Gospel account and to Christ’s suffering and death on the cross. We trace the events and at each point we are brought face to face with these facts: * That everything Christ did and suffered was on behalf of His people * Tha

Jesus Quietly Submits to His Father’s Will

Matthew 27:11-26 Pontius Pilate was caught in a very difficult position. He could see no basis for a charge against Jesus and wanted to set Him free. On the other hand, he was afraid of the Jews and the reports they might feed back to Caesar concerning Pilate. He kept try

Judas Repents?

Matthew 27:1-10 We look at the remorse of Judas over his betrayal of Christ. While some have speculated that this was genuine repentance and that Judas must be saved, we see from his behavior and the words of Christ that this could not have been so. We look at the charac

Jesus Is Condemned to Die

Matthew 26:57-68 In today’s passage, we see how much the World hates God. As we look at the account of Jesus being condemned to death, we see the hatred of those who wanted to kill Him manifested in three ways: In the way that they tried to find a false witness to accuse

Christ is Betrayed

Matthew 26:47-56 We grapple with the sovereignty of our God as we look at this account of the betrayal of Christ. We consider three sinful actions in this passage – the betrayal by Judas, the rash attempt by Peter to defend Christ with a mere sword and the fleeing of the

Keep Watching and Praying

Matthew 26:36-46 Christ has told His disciples, despite their protestations, that they will all abandon Him. Now He urges them to pray that they may not fall into temptation. From this account, we learn from: 1) The failure of the disciples to watch and pray – not becaus

Christ’s Intercession for His Disciples

Matthew 26:30-35 We derive great encouragement from this passage: We are sometimes tempted to think we are not true believers because of the way we deny Christ in our lives and struggle with sin. Yet here we see Christ’s own disciples, who certainly were true believers a

The Institution of the Lord’s Supper

Matthew 26:26-29 We come to the familiar account where Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper at the close of a Passover meal. We see: * Christ gave us the meal so we would remember His death for His people * Christ gave us the meal to strengthen our communion with Him and

Christ’s Prediction of His Betrayal

Matthew 26:17-25 In this sermon we see Jesus taking part in His last Passover with His disciples. During this time Jesus predicts that one of them will betray Him. We specifically look at the following points: * The prediction Jesus makes of His betrayer * How the disc

Judas’ Bargain

Matthew 26:14-16 Why did Judas follow Jesus? Why do people follow Him today? Why would God allow someone like Judas to be one of Christ’s disciples? In today’s sermon we examine all of these questions in detail. We see that Judas followed Jesus, and later betrayed Him, f

The Lord Is Anointed for His Burial

Matthew 26:6-13 In this sermon we examine the great love that Mary showed to Jesus as He was approaching his death. From her example, we learn many things about the Christian’s love to Jesus. We see that all true Christians will act upon this love for Christ by serving