Mortification of Sin

Watch and Pray

Matthew 26:41 We are engaged in a spiritual warfare which rages all around us and also within. We need to be aware of this so we can take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves for the battle. The Devil is a subtle enemy who plans his attacks on us according to his k

How Can We Kill Our Sin?

Romans 8:13 We continue the series on Mortification. Having seen what it is and understood the Biblical teaching for it, we concentrate on how we may do it. Where do we get the power? It comes entirely from the Spirit of God who indwells every true child of God. This

The Way to Life, Part 2

Romans 8:13 We continue the series on Mortification by looking at the following questions: * What is mortification? * How do we mortify the flesh? * What is the life we shall gain through mortification? We see that this is a vital subject and one in which all sho

The Way to Life, Part 1

Romans 8:13 We begin a series on the seldom-considered subject of mortification of sin by looking at this important verse. We spend time examining the following issues: * What is meant by ‘the flesh’? * What is meant by living ‘according to the flesh’? * What is me