Prayer Matters

Prayer Matters, Part 4

Exodus 32:7–14 We continue to consider the characteristics of „effective prayer,„ looking at the example of Moses’ prayers so that we too may learn to pray effectively.

Prayer Matters, Part 3

Genesis 18:16-33, 19:29 We consider the subject of „effective prayer„, looking at examples of this kind of prayer from the Bible and Church history in order to see what it is and how we can begin to pray truly effectively.

Prayer Matters, Part 2

We dig deeper into the practical and spiritual hindrances to prayer and look for solutions from experience and from Scripture.

Prayer Matters, Part 1

We take a very practical look at prayer, so that we may not only know the great importance of prayer, but that we may actually learn to pray in 2011 as perhaps we have never prayed before.