Reasons to Love God

The Source of All Good

Acts 17:24-25 God has everything He needs in Himself, and because of this, He can give us everything He has ever promised us. Shouldn’t we love a God like this?

All Things Are Possible with God

Matthew 19:26 We are seeing how the attributes of our wonderful God should draw out our hearts in love for Him. This week, our focus is on His infinite power, or omnipotence.

You Are There

Psalm 139:7-10 God is omnipresent (He is present everywhere). After reviewing this aspect of His character and seeking to understand what it means and what it does not mean, we then spend some time reflecting on the practical significance of this truth.

God Is Truth

Psalm 86:15 God is abundant in truth and faithfulness – there is no lie in Him, no deception. He always speaks the truth, and He will always do what He says. For this reason, our hearts should be drawn out in love to Him.

He Is a Righteous and Just God

Psalm 89:14 We don’t usually think of God’s righteousness and justice as reasons to love Him, but we see in this message that they are just as valid reasons as those we’ve seen previously in this series.

God Is Patient

Exodus 34:6-7 We reflect on the fact that one of the qualities by which God declared His character to Moses was His patience – He is slow to anger.

His Mercies Never Fail

Lamentations 3:22-23 Grace is when God gives you something good you don’t deserve – when you really deserve the opposite. Mercy is when He doesn’t give you something bad you do deserve.

The Grace of God

Romans 3:24 We don’t deserve anything good. We don’t deserve the food on our plates, the clothes on our backs, the roofs over our heads, the air we breathe, or the space we take up in this world. We don’t deserve to live. But God is gracious!