Reformation Forerunners

The Life and Ministry of John Hus

The marriage of the Princess of Bohemia, a lady who studied God’s Word, to King Richard of England opened up links between those two countries, allowing for the exchanges of students and ideas. Jerome of Prague brought Wycliffe’s teachings back to Bohemia

The Life and Ministry of John Wycliffe

Initially, John Wycliffe spoke out against the greed of the priests, the immoral lifestyle of some of them and the Pope’s right to appoint foreigners as bishops in England. He also objected to the church’s exemption from paying taxes on its considerable l

Mysticism and Scholasticism

We see these two pre-Reformation movements and their influence on the Reformers. We also realize that the principles underlying each of them are still active in the church today. Some are intellectual and academic in their approach to Christianity; others

Reformation Forerunners: the Waldenses

Our fourth Reformation lecture series concerns the forerunners of the Reformation – we will look at the groups of people and individuals that God raised up to serve Him in the years before the Reformation. The Waldenses we see as examples of those who we