Reformation Hymn Writers

The Troubler of Jerusalem

Matthew 2:1-12 We do not often consider it, but God sent His Son to trouble our souls about their condition, to awaken us, so that we might be saved.

The Life and Hymns of John Newton

In our series on great hymn writers, we turn to one who God used to give us some of the greatest and best loved of our hymns, including „Amazing Grace„ and „Begone, Unbelief!„ – John Newton.

The Life and Hymns of Charles Wesley

We examine the life of another great hymn writer, Charles Wesley, and analyze some of his hymns to make sure that they meet the criteria laid down in the first lecture of this series as well as to draw out their full meaning.

The Life and Hymns of Isaac Watts

Having seen that we should sing hymns in worship, we focus on one of the great hymn writers: Isaac Watts. We briefly overview his life, and then analyze some of his most famous hymns.

Why Should We Sing Hymns?

We examine the debate over hymn-singing and exclusive psalms as a preface to surveying the lives and hymns of some of the great hymn writers of the church.