To God Be the Glory through Jesus Christ

Romans 16:25-27 In the last few verses of Romans, we are reminded to give God the glory that He deserves in everything we do – not just in our worship, but in every instance of our lives. We are to ascribe this Glory to God through Jesus Christ, for our gifts and the abi

The Grace Of Our Lord Be With You

Romans 16:20-24 Paul draws near to the end of his letter to the Romans and as he does so, he reveals his heart’s desire for them as a church – that they may know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to be with them. We explore what is meant by ‘the grace of the Lord Jesus

Be Wise In What Is Good

Romans 16:17-20 As Paul closes his letter to Rome, he warns against the power of Satan in dividing churches. He warns the church against those who may come in among them, with smooth and flattering speech, but teaching things that do not agree with the doctrine they had

Greet One Another In Love

Romans 16:1-16 We look at Paul’s injunction to the Christians at Rome that they should greet one another with a holy kiss. We examine what this was and what it meant, before we look at Paul’s own example in this area. We see that it is Christian love that should underly

Examples of Service

Romans 16:1-16 Paul begins to conclude his letter by giving a series of greetings to members of the church in Rome. As he does so, he commends many of them and we look at the things that they are commended for. In all cases, we see they are not being praised for things

Strive Together in Your Prayers

Romans 15:30 We learn that by praying for others in our fellowship, we can build each other up and reap the benefits as a whole. We are not to forget to pray, for it is important in everything we do to glorify God to ask His blessing upon it. We consider the following

We Must Help One Another

Romans 15:22-29 Paul speaks of the importance of the Christian grace of giving. We look at the example first of the Lord Jesus Christ, then of Paul himself and finally of the Gentile believers giving to relieve the needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ at Jerusal

Let Him Who Boasts, Boast in the Lord

Romans 15:17-21 Paul is often considered to be the greatest apostle, appearing to have almost single-handedly brought the Gospel to the Roman Empire, which was at that time considered to be the whole world. Though we may consider this something of which to be proud, Paul

Admonish One Another

Romans 15:14-16 Christians still fall into sin and need to be admonished by their brothers and sisters in Christ. When we have to do the admonishing, Paul tells us in Romans that we are to do so in love, and to be gentle and kind but not hypocritical. Also, if we receive

That You May Abound in Hope

Romans 15:13 We consider the hope that can be gained from the knowledge that, if we are Christians, all our sins have been forgiven and that Jesus has given us all we need to stand before God on the Last Day.

Accept One Another

Romans 15:7-12 Paul reminds us in Romans Chapter 15 that salvation is not for the Jews alone, but for all who place their trust in Jesus. As Christians, we should accept our brothers and sisters in Christ. As Christ has accepted both Jews and Gentiles, we also must acce

Lift Up the Weak

Romans 15:1-6 We consider how those who are strong in faith should treat those who are not as strong. We see that we should encourage those that are weaker and strive to be stronger ourselves. We should not only think about pleasing ourselves but about the needs of oth