Seven Certain Signs That Jesus is the Christ

The Gospel is Preached to the Poor

Matthew 11:1-6 We see the last sign that Jesus points to to authenticate Himself as the Messiah – that the poor have the Gospel preached to them. We consider that Jesus’ message was preached to those who were brokenhearted and mourning over their sin.

The Dead are Raised

John 11:17-46 We consider the account of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead and reflect upon the fact that physical death gives us a picture of its far worse spiritual counterpart, caused by sin.

Lepers Are Cleansed

Matthew 8:1-4 Continuing to examine the miracles by which Christ authenticated Himself as the promised Messiah, we look at the healing of a leper. We see that leprosy is a graphic picture of the corruption we all are born into this world with.

The Tongue of the Mute Will Shout for Joy

Matthew 12:22-23 Continuing to look at the evidences Jesus gave while here on earth that He is the Messiah promised by God, we review this account of the healing of a mute man. We see how physical muteness is a picture to use of spiritual muteness that results from sin.

The Lame Will Leap Like a Deer

Mark 2:1-12 This morning, we consider the healing of the paralytic man in this account and see how it showed Jesus was the Messiah by fulfilling the prophecy of His ministry in Isaiah 35.

The Ears of the Deaf Will Be Unstopped

Mark 7:31-37 When Jesus is in the region of Decapolis, in the midst of a large crowd, many of whom he heals, he is approached by the friends of a deaf mute. They implore Him to lay His hand on the man but instead, Jesus takes Him away on his own and heals him.

The Eyes of the Blind Will be Opened

Mark 10:46-52 As Jesus made His last journey to Jerusalem, a blind beggar cries out ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’ This man was Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus’ physical blindness is a picture to us of the spiritual blindness all mankind is born with.