The Shorter Catechism

Ask, and It Shall Be Given

Matthew 7:7-8 Here we are reminded that the Lord answers the prayers of those who are persistent in asking, seeking, and knocking. We are not to ask for things in a manner which is selfish, for the Lord will not answer such prayers. Jesus encourages us by reminding us

Yours Is the Kingdom, Power and Glory

Matthew 6:13 Jesus laid out three reasons for God to answer our prayers: That His is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory. We review the whole of the Lord’s Prayer in the light of these three reasons and see why they are powerful arguments to use with God in seekin

Deliver Us From Evil

Matthew 6:13 In the final petition of the Lord’s prayer we are taught to pray that we not be led into temptation but instead that we be delivered from evil. The first part of this petition would be amazing were it not for our understanding of God’s sovereignty. God is

Forgive Us as We Forgive Others

Matthew 6:12 In the fifth petition of the Lord’s prayer we are taught to pray, ‘forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.’ Christ here commands us to seek forgiveness from God. This dispels any thought of perfectionism that we may have. But we are also commanded

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Matthew 6:11 Recognizing we do not deserve anything from God except His wrath, we are still commanded to ask Him daily for the things we need to survive. We ought also to ask God for our daily spiritual food. Further, the Lord promises that if we seek the kingdom of G

Your Will Be Done

Matthew 6:10 In praying this petition in the Lord’s Prayer, we ask three things: * That we as believers be enabled to do the will of God as perfectly as the angels do in Heaven, rendering service instantly, perfectly, and without complaint; * that all people on earth

Watch for That Day

Matthew 6:10, 2 Peter 3:13 We hear how we should pray for the coming of God’s eternal kingdom in the Lord’s Prayer. The Bible says the world will eventually be cleansed with fire and transformed into the New Heaven and New Earth, in which righteousness dwells. We look forward to th

Your Kingdom Come, Part 3

Matthew 6:10 Further reviewing this part of the Lord’s Prayer, we learn that when we make this request, we are asking God to make His Gospel effective in the conversion of His elect. We look at two aspects of this prayer: that God would send out workers into His harve

Your Kingdom Come, Part 2

Matthew 6:10 In this message, we examine many of these exhortations in Scripture to make our calling and election sure, understanding that in offering this petition in the Lord’s prayer, one thing we are praying is that we may persevere and grow in grace as members of

Your Kingdom Come, Part 1

Matthew 6:10 We begin to consider the second petition of the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Your kingdom come’ and examine what is the nature of this kingdom and what it is that we are asking for in this prayer – particularly that the reign of Christ, begun at His ascension, would c

That All Would Worship God

Matthew 6:9 The Lord Jesus teaches us to put God and His glory first in our prayers. The phrase ‘Hallowed be Your Name’ in the Lord’s Prayer has many important meanings. It has the emphasis: ‘Your Name %%(text-decoration:underline)must%% be glorified.’

Our Confidence in Prayer

Matthew 6:9 Continuing our series on prayer, we now look at the doctrine of adoption and how we may be confident as Christians that our prayers will be heard because we have God as our heavenly father. We examine the relationship between God and the believer and see