Why We Believe What We Believe

Why We Believe God Only Forgives Sins through the Gospel

Matthew 16:19 How is it that sins may be forgiven? We consider the teaching of some: that forgiveness consists in the use of the keys of the kingdom, given by Christ to an earthly priesthood descended from Peter. In this view, baptism and penance are important element

Why We Believe Our Works Don’t Earn Anything

Luke 17:10 Is it possible for believers to live in such a way that they can earn the favor of God, or to do more than the minimum requirement, so that their surplus merit can be dispensed to others as they have need? This is the teaching of some churches, but we se

His Sacrifice Pays It All

Luke 23:43 There can be no purgatory, and so no need of indulgences, since Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross covers not only the guilt of our sins, but also any punishment due to us from God.

Why We Believe You Must Keep Your Promises

Exodus 20:7 We see that using the Lord’s name reverently gives Him pleasure. We examine two ways in which we can do this: *First, that we are not to use His name as a common swear word or to blaspheme Him *Second, that we are to be careful to do what we say