Sermons by David Bush

Christ’s Natural Birth

Matthew 1:1-17 As we approach the Christmas season once more, we take time to consider the natural birth of Jesus Christ.

The Shock of Death

John 12:27-33 This morning we look at how Christ’s death affected Him physically and spiritually and how it also affects the world. We consider our own mortality and the consequences of not responding to the sacrifice Christ made for us.

No Small Matter

Galatians 1 We examine the importance of sound doctrine in light of Galatians Chapter 1.

Born to Be Our King

Isaiah 9:6-9 We focus our thinking on verse 7 of this wonderful passage, reflecting on the fact that the child Who was born in Bethlehem was born to be King.

The Cost of Freedom

John 8:31-36 We examine these remarkable words of Christ and consider what true freedom is – a freedom from the guilt and power of sin. We go on to contemplate the staggering price that had to be paid in order to secure the blessing of freedom for the children of God

The Headwaters of Grace

John 7:34-39 We meditate on this wonderful passage, and particularly on Christ, Who for the believer is the fountain of all good and all grace in this world, and who guarantees our eternal security by His almighty power.

Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

Galatians 5:16-24 This evening, we examine another of the fruits of the Spirit – on this occasion, the fruit of peace. We consider what is meant by the peace of God (which is the peace of which Paul speaks in the text).

Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit: Joy

Galatians 5:16-24 Rejoice always. In Paul’s letter to the Galatians he tells them of the fruits of the Spirit, one of which is joy. The command to rejoice extends far beyond enjoyable events and easy times in life. Christians are commanded to rejoice in trials and in death

To Give Life to the Sheep

John 10:1-30 We review the doctrine of particular redemption, paying attention to those scriptures which clearly teach it and also considering some of the passages that seem on the surface to contradict it.