Sermons by Nathan Bunney

Behind A Frowning Providence

Jonah 1:4-6 In the wake of the terrible disaster in Eastern Asia, we consider why these disasters are allowed to happen, with evidence from Jonah. God has a perfect right to do with His creation as He wills, and has the right to give and take life as He wills. As Jon

Jonah’s Calling

Jonah 1:13 We look at the call God gave to Jonah and at his flight to Tarshish. We are challenged to listen to whatever call God has given us and to be faithful to obey Him in it. We are also encouraged to note that Jonah repented and found usefulness in the Lord’s

Peace and Holiness, Not Bitterness

Hebrews 12:14-15 We are exhorted from this passage to see the importance of peace and holiness in the life of a believer and the life of the church. We also see that we are to examine ourselves closely to ensure we have no root of bitterness growing up in ourselves that

Humble Servants

Mark 10:32-45 Christ gave His disciples a lesson in how to attain greatness in the Kingdom of God. This is not done as the world does it, but rather through servanthood – by becoming slaves of all. Christ Himself is presented to us as the great Example of this spirit

The Necessity of Fruit

John 15:4-6 The true believer is marked out by spiritual fruit that is produced in him or her by the indwelling Holy Spirit. We look at these verses and see: * The need to discern this fruit * The need to have the fruit * The need to nurture the fruit We are enco

The Greatest Treasure

Matthew 13:44-46 We meditate on these two familiar parables concerning the excellence of the Kingdom of God and therefore of God Himself. We look at: * How this kingdom is found * How it is paid for * How it is to be enjoyed We are encouraged to rejoice in our God and

Soldiers That Please Christ

2 Timothy 2:3-4 All believers are enlisted in the Lord’s army. We examine this text and consider what this means in practice if we are to be pleasing to the Lord, the Captain of our salvation.