Sermons from February 1998

Stand Firm in the Grace of God

1 Peter 5:12-14 You must stand firm in the truth if you are to stand firm in God’s grace. Trials a part of life; signs of conversion; importance of faithfulness; evidence of 1 Peter’s being inspired; trials come in God’s grace; miscellaneous historical information;

Be on Your Guard Against the Adversary

1 Peter 5:8-11 God calls you to be on your guard against your adversary, the devil. spiritual sobriety and alertness; the devil an enemy; under God’s control; his attacks universal in the church

There Is One Thing You Lack

Mark 10:17-31 If you would be an heir of eternal life, you must give up all that you possess and follow Christ. Idolatry a hindrance to salvation; the work of the law; promise of reward

Shepherd the Flock of God

1 Peter 5:1-4 This passage deals not only with what the elder is to do and how he is to do it, but also with what he can expect to receive from the Lord if he is faithful to this call. Shepherding the flock; elders; forgiveness; sufferings of Christ

Take Courage, Your Sins Are Forgiven

Matthew 9:1-8 Jesus Christ has the authority to forgive your sins, and you should seek to be sure that He has. GREATER LIGHT, GREATER RESPONSIBILITY; CHRIST’S AUTHORITY TO FORGIVE SIN; CHRIST’S LOVE; MIRACLES EVIDENCE OF CHRIST’S AUTHORITY