Sermons from November 1999

Ask and It Shall Be Given to You

Matthew 7:7-11. Christ begins to conclude this glorious sermon. We review all the things which He has commanded and see that they are all physically possible for us. The problem is that, by nature, we do not want to do them.

Do Not Cast Your Pearls before Swine

Matthew 7:6 Continuing his discourse on how believers should not condemn others but nevertheless should make evaluations about all things, Jesus here teaches us that there are some people who are so hardened in sin and hostile to the Gospel that we should no longer p

First Take The Log From Your Eye

Matthew 7:3-5 Reproof and admonition should be an important aspect of life in the church. We should watch over one another to keep ourselves on the narrow way. However, there are certain qualifications which the Lord Jesus lays down in this passage for those who would

Do Not Judge, Lest You Be Judged

Matthew 7:1-2 We begin a new section in the Sermon on the Mount by seeing how Jesus’ sermon was aimed to correct the false teaching of the day and to restore a true understanding of how God would have His people live. In a detailed look at the first two verses of Matt

Seek First God’s Kingdom

Matthew 6:25-34 Continuing to instruct His disciples concerning their attitude to the things of this world compared with the things of Heaven, Jesus commands us not to worry about our everyday needs, because God has promised to take care of them. * Does this mean we sh

You Cannot Serve Two Masters

Matthew 6:19-24 In the earlier parts of this chapter, Jesus has given us three areas of Christian living where we are to act in secret so that our Father may reward us openly (giving to the poor, praying and fasting). Now he shows us the differences between worldly treas

The Devil’s Primary Tool.

John 8:43-47. Following the considerations of this morning’s sermon, we look at a passage in John’s Gospel and seek to answer the following questions: * Why is it that the country is in such decline into wickedness? * Why is the church in such a low spiritual conditi

When You Fast, Do So In Secret.

Matthew 6:16:18 Resuming our series in Matthew’s Gospel, and particularly in the Sermon on the Mount, we come to the neglected subject of fasting. We consider the following questions and answer them from the Bible – * Is fasting a duty for the believer today? * If so,