Sermons from February 2000

Christ’s Authority over the Demons, Part 2

Matthew 8:28-34 We continue to look at the passage from Matthew 8. This time we see the power that Jesus has over the demons and we are reminded that there is nothing in this world to fear if Jesus is on our side.

Christ’s Authority over the Demons

Matthew 8:28-34 This week, the morning and evening sermon cover the same passage of Scripture. We look at Jesus’ encounter with two demon-possessed men and discuss the following questions: * What power do demons have over men? * Who are the demons? * What is evil? * In

What Kind Of Man Is This?

Matthew 8:24-27 We continue to look at the crossing Jesus and His disciples were making. We look at the disciples and then at the Lord and ask the following questions: * Why did this storm happen at this time and in this place? Was it an accident? * If God brought abou

His Disciples Followed Him

Matthew 8:23-27 Looking at verse 23 of this passage, and having seen last week the need of the true disciple to be willing to pay the cost of coming to Christ and to follow Him without delay, today we see Christ’s drive to move forward to do His Father’s will and the dis

How Long Will You Wait?

Matthew 8:21-22 Before He crosses the lake to the region of the Gadarenes, another disciple approaches Jesus. Unlike the first one (from this morning’s sermon), who needed to count the cost of coming to Christ, this one really wanted to follow the Lord but wanted to take

Counting the Cost

Matthew 8:18-20 Moving on in our series in Matthew’s Gospel, we are confronted with the following questions: * Is there a cost to being a Christian or not? * How can there be a cost if salvation is free? * How do so many claim to be Christians and yet live unchanged li

Samuel’s Life of Faith

1 Samuel 3 We look again at the characters in the ‘hall of faith’ in Hebrews 11, this time dwelling on Samuel. The following points are considered: * The importance of Samuel on the stage of Old Testament Scripture * The roles which Samuel performed – prophet, pri

He Carried Away Our Diseases

Matthew 8:14-17 This morning, we study another example of the compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ as He heals the mother-in-law of Peter. Examining the passage in some detail, we look at the following questions: * Why did Jesus do these healing miracles? * What can we