Sermons from August 2000

Pray For Us

Hebrews 13:18-19 The author exhorts his readers to pray for him. We look at prayer, at the way in which prayer fits in with the sovereign plan of God and in particular at the manner of prayer which will be heard of the Lord, and that which will not. We see the crucial p

You are worth more than many sparrows

Matthew 10:29-31 Jesus has more to say to us about why we should not fear men but should fear God. Here, He tells His disciples that God’s sovereign plan extends over all things – right down to relatively worthless creatures and even to the hairs of our heads. The encou

Fear God! And You Need Not Fear Man

Matthew 10:28 Continuing to show His disciples why they need not fear man, Jesus seeks to bring a right perspective to their thinking. He tells them, and us, that we should not fear men, who can do us relatively little harm. The worst that men can do to us is to kill

The Sacrifices Which God Requires

Hebrews 13:15-16 Although the Old Testament sacrificial system was rendered obsolete by the coming of Christ, God still requires sacrifices from His New Testament people: * The sacrifice of praise. * The sacrifice of doing good. * The sacrifice of sharing. We examine

Do Not Fear Them

Matthew 10:26-27 Jesus speaks to prepare His disciples and Apostles for the hatred they would receive from the world on account of Him. He gives them the following instruction: * The opposition and hatred they face is part of the price of being a true believer and bein

Let Us Go Out To Him

Hebrews 13:11-14 The writer to the Hebrews draws out the similarities between the Old Testament sin offering whose blood was brought into the Most Holy Place for atonement (and whose carcasses were burned outside the camp) and Jesus, whose death took place outside the ear

A Disciple Is Not Above his Teacher

Matthew 10:24-25 Jesus broadens His discussion on the hardships the Apostles would face in preaching the Word to include all disciples. He shows us that the more we come to be like Him (and this should be the desire of our hearts as His children), the more we will know t