Sermons from September 2000

Worship: What, Why, Who and Where?

Acts 17:22-29 Starting a 5 week conference on reformed theology, we begin to look at how the reformation restored a Biblical worship to the people of God. From the Bible, we look at the following questions: * What is worship? * Who is to be worshipped? * Why should

Are You the Expected One?

Matthew 11:1-6 We are first challenged from this passage to examine how well we are obeying Christ. The 12, armed with the instructions they had just received, went out immediately as they were commanded to do the work of Christ. We see that unbelievers, of necessity,

The Convenient Path to Destruction

Acts 24:24-25 Paul is invited by Felix and Drusilla to speak to them of the faith in Christ Jesus. Felix was the Roman Governor and an immoral man – living in an adulterous relationship and greedy to receive bribes. Drusilla was an immoral woman; Felix was her third hu

He Who Receives You, Receives Me

Matthew 10:40-42 Jesus has already shown us that many will turn against us and reject us because we are believers. Now, in concluding His instructions to His disciples ahead of their ministry, He tells them about what will happen to those who do receive them. We see:

Give Attention to the Word

Hebrews 13:22-25 We come to the end of our series in the letter to the Hebrews. Focusing mainly on verse 22, we see the need not only to hear the words contained in this letter but also to put them into practice. We review the words of exhortation that we have received t

Who is Worthy of Christ?

Matthew 10:34-39 The greatest of all the evidences we can give that we are true believers is that we love Christ more than anyone or anything else. We see: * What this means in terms of relations with members of our earthly family. * What it means in terms of our affect

The Benediction

Hebrews 13:20-21 The author comes towards the end of his sermon to the Hebrews. He reveals his pastor’s heart in his desire to pray for God’s people. We see: * The duty that pastors have to pray for the people. * The One from whom the blessing was sought * The nature of

The Test of Our Courage

Matthew 10:32-33 Continuing His teaching to His disciples, Jesus gives them here a stern warning but also an encouragement. We see: * What Jesus means by His disciples’ confession of Him before men and His subsequent confession of them before the Father. * What He means