Sermons from January 2001

The Last State is Worse than the First

Matthew 12:43-45 Jesus concludes this section of Gospel with a searching rebuke to the Jews of the day. He likens the nation of Israel to a demon possessed man from whom the demon leaves for a while. However, not finding any other mischief to perform, the demon returns to

Love Does Not Hold a Grudge

1 Corinthians 13:5 We continue our studies on the importance and the attributes of Christian love. This time we look at the phrase, ‘Love does not take into account a wrong suffered’. We see that there are two valid interpretations of this, and examine each of them: * Lo

Something Greater than Jonah Is Here

Matthew 12:41-42 Jesus brings a solemn warning to those with whom He was talking. They had rejected the ministry of the Lord of Glory. They kept asking for more signs to prove who Jesus was but He would give them none. Now, therefore, He turns to the awful warning that t

The Sign of Jonah

Matthew 12:38-40 We look at the whole subject of signs and why they were given. At first sight, Jesus’ response to the Pharisees’ request may seem harsh. We need to remember, though, that they had already seen many signs to authenticate who Jesus is. Jesus shows that si

Out of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks

Matthew 12:33-37 How do we tell if someone is a believer or not? Is it simply a matter of their profession? In general, we look for more than this. In this passage, Jesus indicates that what we should be looking for is fruit in the lives of those who profess Christ. The P