Sermons from May 2001

Gracious Providences for God’s People

Ephesians 3:20-21 God’s dealings with His frail children should be a constant source of wonder and encouragement to us. We look at examples in the lives of Abraham, David and Elijah where God read what was in their hearts and showed Himself a gracious and loving Father to

I Want to Know Christ!

Philippians 3:8-14 We consider Paul’s extraordinary words as he comes toward the end of his life on earth. Reviewing all of his qualities and experiences, we are struck that he puts them all behind him, concerned only to press on and know his Savior better. In contrast, we

The Way to Life, Part 1

Romans 8:13 We begin a series on the seldom-considered subject of mortification of sin by looking at this important verse. We spend time examining the following issues: * What is meant by ‘the flesh’? * What is meant by living ‘according to the flesh’? * What is me

How Blessed Is The Man Whose Sins Are Forgiven

Romans 4:7-8 We meditate on the great blessing of forgiveness, using the words of David, as quoted by Paul. We see that we can take no pride in our condition outside of Christ, as opposed to that of other unbelievers. We are not better or more righteous than a brother

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Matthew 14:13-21 We explore the circumstances of this outstanding miracle of Christ from the particular standpoint of His humanity and His heart of compassion for the crowds and for His own disciples. We see: * In all likelihood, Jesus had gone to the secluded place to

Biblical Matchmaking

Jeremiah 29:6 We look at the Biblical role that the parents have in the marriage of their children. We consider how God himself sets us an example in His dealings first with Adam and then with Christ. We move on to look at significant Biblical accounts (of Isaac, Jacob

A Tragic Oath

Matthew 14:1-12 We look at the consequences of Herod’s foolish oath. We draw out the following lessons: John the Baptist gives us an example of someone who feared God rather than men and was faithful to rebuke the sin of Herod even knowing it may cost his life. In this