Sermons from June 2001

The Fifth Commandment

We continue this series by looking at the Fifth Commandment specifically from the point of view of decision-making. We see how this commandment not only refers to our immediate parents but also to everyone in our life who is in a position of authority ove

A Second Creation?

Genesis 2 We continue our series in the book of Genesis. In this sermon we examine the apparent contradiction between the creation accounts of Genesis 1 and 2. We briefly look at how we should deal with passages of scripture that seem to contradict each other. We t

Do We Really Need More Proof?

Matthew 16:1-4 In this sermon we look at the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Sadducees in asking Jesus for another sign. We look at the issue of proof and whether or not Jesus had given enough proof that He was who He said he was. We see that those who have doubts about

The Fourth Commandment

We continue this series by looking at the Fourth Commandment. We seek to demonstrate from Scripture that the keeping of one day in seven holy to the Lord is a continuing commandment which the believer should gladly obey. We also see that this was given fo

God’s Perfect World

Genesis 1 We begin a new series in the first book of the Bible. Approaching the book thematically, we see in the first chapter the amazing power of God displayed in His calling all things forth out of nothing by His word alone. We ask six simple questions of the pa

Christ’s Compassion For His People

Matthew 15:29-39 This is the account of the feeding of the four thousand. In it, we pay particular attention to the compassion Christ had for the needs of these people. Many of them did not truly love Him; some, perhaps, were among those who would later shout for His cruc

The Second and Third Commandments

We continue this series by looking at the Second and Third Commandments. Their teaching is applied in the area of our worship, which, as we see, is the whole of our lives.

Watch and Pray

Matthew 26:41 We are engaged in a spiritual warfare which rages all around us and also within. We need to be aware of this so we can take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves for the battle. The Devil is a subtle enemy who plans his attacks on us according to his k

Seek Until You Find

Matthew 15:21-28 The account of the Syro-Phoenician woman is very instructive to us when we would come before the Lord to seek a blessing from Him. How should we come? What should we do if the blessing isn’t granted at once? Why was it that Jesus didn’t give this woman w

The First Commandment

We continue this series by looking at the First Commandment. We see that in a number of important areas of our lives, a proper grasp of its teaching will help us to make good decisions, and to worship God appropriately.

How Can We Kill Our Sin?

Romans 8:13 We continue the series on Mortification. Having seen what it is and understood the Biblical teaching for it, we concentrate on how we may do it. Where do we get the power? It comes entirely from the Spirit of God who indwells every true child of God. This

As Our Hearts Are, So Are Our Lives

Matthew 15:1-20 We examine the account of the Pharisees’ approach to Jesus concerning the failure of His disciples to honor the traditions of the elders. We see: * We can put traditions ahead of God, but with Him it is better to obey than to slavishly follow traditions