Sermons from July 2001

The Seventh Commandment

We continue our consideration of the Ten Commandments specifically from the point of view of decision-making. We look at the commandment not to commit adultery and see how this should impact the decisions we make from day to day in terms (for example) of

Created in God’s Image

Genesis 1:26-27 We look closely at this passage and see what it means that man, in distinction from the animals, was made in the image of God. By way of application, we consider to what extent we are striving to put on more and more of the moral image of God in our lives

Christ’s Glory Revealed

Matthew 17:1-13 What did Jesus mean at the end of chapter 16 when He said there were some present who would not taste death until they saw the Son of Man come in His kingdom? Some believe it referred to the transfiguration which we consider this morning. We look at the e

The Creation of Man

Genesis 2:7 For decades, scientists have taught that man arose by a process of chance operating through vast stretches of time and that man’s ancestors are the apes. The Bible teaches that God created man directly from the dust of the earth. We examine the Bible’s t

What Interests Do You Have In Mind?

Matthew 16:21-28 Peter doubtless thinks his motives are good when he proclaims that Christ would never be handed over to die. Christ indicates that all obstacles to Him obeying the Father’s will come from the Adversary (Satan). Then Christ goes on to challenge His discipl

The Sixth Commandment (continued)

We continue our consideration of the Sixth Commandment specifically from the point of view of decision-making. We explore a number of ways in which a commandment not to harm others but rather to promote their well-being applies to us today.

The Institution of the Sabbath

Genesis 2:1-3 Continuing our series on themes from the book of Genesis, we look at the subject of the Sabbath. We consider why it was that God instituted it, and what it is meant to be for. We see that God graciously provided us with a pattern in the creation week. We

Upon This Rock, I Will Build My Church

Matthew 16:13-20 At a time when many men had there own theories about who Christ was, but none seemed to have believed the truth about Him, Jesus asks His disciples for their opinion and Peter makes his glorious confession. We see that to really know and love the Christ o

The Sixth Commandment

We continue this series by looking at the Sixth Commandment specifically from the point of view of decision-making. We examine life and death issues, seeking to understand how this commandment applies and helps us to make wise and godly choices.

What Did God Mean by the Word ‘Day’?

Genesis 1:1 – 2:5 We trace the various views that have been and are held concerning the understanding of the creation week and in particular what period of time we are to understand by the word ‘day’. We see how the views came into being historically and show the strengths

Watch Out For False Teaching

Matthew 16:5-12 Jesus takes the opportunity afforded by his Disciples’ absent-mindedness to teach them of the dangers of false teaching. We examine the teaching of the groups mentioned by Jesus – Pharisees and Sadducees – and see that just as in those days, these teachin