Sermons from August 2001

A Biblical Model for Decision Making

We continue to look at decision making in areas that are morally legitimate for the believer. How should we proceed here? Drawing on the work of some of those who have written in this area, we attempt to construct a Biblical framework for decision making

An Appearance of Life

Revelation 3:1-6 The church at Sardis had a great reputation. They seemed to be alive – there were deeds being done. But when Christ examines them, they are dead. What went wrong? What are the dangers that we need to watch out for in our church if we want to avoid becomi

The Toleration of Jezebel

Revelation 2:18-29 Christ writes to the church in Thyatira. While He finds much to commend, there is a great problem that threatens the very life of the fellowship – false prophets were being allowed to teach in the church, leading members into worldliness and immorality wi

Less-reliable or even erroneous views on guidance

We begin to look at decision making in areas that are morally legitimate for the believer. How should we proceed here? To begin with, we look at methods believers have used, considering them Biblical. While some of these do have a proper place in guidance

Adam and Eve’s Betrayal

Genesis 3 We look at the account of the fall and see how it was that man sold paradise for a piece of fruit. We trace the origins of Lucifer, who possessed the serpent and deceived Eve. We consider his tactics and observe how similar they are today when he tempts b

The Love And Mercy Of Christ

Matthew 17:22-23 For a second time, Christ warns His disciples about His coming death but indicates this will not be the end for Him. We take time to reflect on the enormity of the work Christ undertook for us, who were His enemies. We should grieve that it was our sins t

The Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Commandments

We complete our consideration of the Ten Commandments specifically from the point of view of decision-making. Please note that the recording is incomplete due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fill the Earth and Subdue It

Genesis 1:26-28 * What was man’s responsibility on the earth when God made him? * How has this responsibility changed because of the fall? * How is it changed again when we come to know Christ? * How should we understand our mission to fill the earth and subdue it in thi

How Great Is Your Faith?

Matthew 17:14-21 Like Bunyan’s character, Little Faith, we are sometimes beset with Faintheart, Mistrust and Guilt. Jesus encounters a situation in which His disciples, through want of faith, had been unable to drive the demon from a youth. We examine the nature of the fa