Sermons from September 2001

Noah and the Flood

Genesis 5:25 – 8:19 The wickedness in the world grows to a point where God acts in judgment to cleanse His creation. We take an overview of this account and see that it contains clear and powerful pictures of God’s redemptive plan. We review these pictures, seeing the flood

What Should You Do if Your Brother Sins?

Matthew 18:15-20 We live in a time when church discipline is practiced by few and flouted by many. Yet in this passage, Christ gives us guidance on how we should proceed in dealing with such issues in the church. We see the wisdom that is contained in these words. We find

Chapter 5 – Extraordinary Providence

So far in this series, we have been considering God’s normal providence – His ordinary way of working. This morning we look at the extraordinary providence of God (or miracles) and we discuss who is able to work miracles, what their purpose is (or was) an

Christ’s Love For His Children

Matthew 18:1-14 We consider the grace of humility from this passage. The disciples are given the example of a little child and are told to be converted and to become like the child if they would be great in God’s kingdom. We look at the following points: * What Jesus s

Do Not Be Unequally Yoked

Genesis 6:1-8 After the growth of the godly line arising from Seth, we now see their declension to the point where God reveals His determination to blot out all mankind from the earth, except for Noah. We look at the nature of this declension and see that it arose fro

I Will Punish Iniquity With Iniquity

Habakkuk 1 The events of this last week (the passenger planes flying into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York) cause us to ask why events like these happen. Is this something that God intended, and if so, what could His purpose have been? We look

The City of Man and the City of God

Genesis 4:16-5:24 We trace Cain’s descendants from the time of his banishment to the East and see a trend of moral declension and growing depravity which ultimately led to the judgment of God in the Flood. In contrast, we look at the godly line established in Seth and see

Live In Peace

Matthew 17:24-27 Resuming our series in Matthew, we look at the incident where Peter assures the collectors of the two-drachma tax that Jesus does pay it. We see how Jesus shows that He is the Son of God and therefore exempt from paying this tax. Yet, to avoid giving offe

Chapter 5 – What is God’s Providence?

We begin a new series on the Providence of God. In this lesson, we consider what God’s Providence is and why it is important that we should look at it. The subject sits well with the topic we have just considered – Godly Decision Making – and with what we