Sermons from November 2001

Noah’s Blessing and Curse

Genesis 9:18-29 This is the account of the disrespect shown by Ham to his father Noah, contrasted with the respect of Shem and Japheth. We see the enormous consequences of the behavior in each case and derive applications for the present day and age, where respect for pa

If You Would Be Great, Become the Least

Matthew 20:20-28 James and John ask Jesus if they can have the places of highest honor in His Kingdom. He points out that the way to greatness there is the opposite of the way of this world. Rather than pushing ourselves forward and seeking to promote our own interests, w

The Covenant of Common Grace

Genesis 8:20-9:17 We examine the covenant God made with all creatures following the Flood. We see that the Covenant of Grace was in place and operative in Adam’s and Noah’s days. The sacrifice Noah made when he left the ark pointed forward to Christ and the work He would d

Out of Death Came Life!

Matthew 20:17-19 Jesus again prepares just His disciples for His forthcoming death, burial and resurrection. He builds them up to be the leaders of the church of the future. Are we prepared to witness for Christ? Why did He have to go to Jerusalem to die? Why was Jesus w

The Fall – WCF Chapter 6, Part 2

We continue to look at the Fall. Having seen the environment in which Adam lived, we explore the difficult question of how someone who loved God and had no corruption of nature could have chosen to rebel against Him, yet in such a way that God could justl

Noah and the Flood, Part 2

Genesis 5:25 – 8:19 We reconsider this catastrophic event in the earth’s history but this time we answer some of the questions that skeptics tend to raise concerning the trustworthiness of the Biblical account: * Was the ark big enough to hold all the animals? * Was it rea

The First Shall Be Last, and the Last First

Matthew 20:1-16 We look at various interpretations of this well-known parable and see what their application might be. Finally, we select the one that seems most to accord with the context in which the parable is found. Jesus was teaching His apostles that, notwithstandi

The Fall – WCF Chapter 6, Part 1

We begin a new series in which we investigate the Fall. We see how Adam was and what his responsibilities were in the Garden before the Fall. We understand his relationship to God as son and consider the environment in which he lived.

Soli Deo Gloria: To God Alone Be Glory!

We conclude our Reformation Lecture series by looking at the last of the ‘solas’ of the Reformation. We see that the teaching of Scripture is that God alone should have the glory (the credit and the praise) for all things but especially the plan of salvat

Do You Own Your Possessions, or Do They Own You?

Matthew 19:16-30 What is the cost of following Christ? We examine the account of the Rich Young Ruler and discover what Christ teaches on this important subject. We need to hold loosely to the things of this world and love nothing more than we love Christ. Those whose he