Sermons from January 2002

Abram Believed God

Genesis 15:1-6 In this, a most important text in Scripture, we see the principle on which Abram received his salvation – faith alone. We explore the text and its circumstances and draw out useful lessons for our Christian lives. Once again, we see the amazing grace of o

Will You Receive Christ?

Matthew 21:33-46 The Scribes and Pharisees had been placed in a position of care over God’s people but had abused that position for their own benefit. Jesus tells them a parable to bring this home to them – indicating that they were liable to condemnation and judgment for

God Confirms His Covenant with Abram

Genesis 14 We see Abram and his allies helped by God to defeat the forces that had plundered Sodom and a number of other cities and rescue his nephew, Lot. Then Melchizedek comes with bread and wine, blesses Abram and receives a tithe from him. We see in these even

What You Say Isn’t as Important as What You Do

Matthew 21:28-32 Jesus tells a story to indicate the hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees – they appeared to agree with God in all their words but disobeyed Him in their actions. We are warned against this sin ourselves: it is not enough for us to say we are Christians

God Renews His Promise

Genesis 13 Abram and Lot grow too wealthy to continue together and Abram graciously allows Lot to have his pick of the land as the two men separate. Lot unwisely chooses the area around Sodom, because of material benefits. Abram chooses the land God had already prom

The Sin of Indecision

Matthew 21:23-27 The scribes and Pharisees question what authority Jesus has to do the things he has been doing in the temple. Jesus knows their duplicity and exposes it by asking them a question in return, which they are unwilling to answer. We take this as an illustrat

The Lord Protects His Own

Genesis 12:10-20 Abram, called out of idolatry to follow the living God, is still growing in faith as we see him here. Even though he has great promises concerning the coming of Messiah from his line, he fears for his life when famine sends him down to Egypt. He commits a

All Things You Ask Believing, You Shall Receive

Matthew 21:18-22 From this searching passage from Matthew’s Gospel, We are asked to examine ourselves by the fruit that we are producing in our lives to see if we are Christ’s or not. If we discover we are not, we are urged to come to Him now for salvation. We are also e