Sermons from March 2002

Prayer, Part 4

Matthew 6:9 We continue to study the preface to the Lord’s Prayer, „Our Father, who is in heaven.„ We learn that we are to address God as our Father, as those who are adopted members of His family. However, we are to do so with reverence, remembering that He is in h

The Promise Fulfilled

Genesis 21 Isaac, the child of promise, is born miraculously to parents who were too old to have children. We see in the birth of Isaac a picture of the birth of Jesus – also a miraculous conception. Later, Isaac is persecuted by Ishmael and in this we also see Chr

Abraham’s Failure, God’s Faithfulness

Genesis 20 In Philistia to find pasture for his flocks, Abraham, instead of fully trusting in God’s promise, allows king Abimelech to believe Sarah is his sister, not his wife. God remains faithful, however, and does not allow harm to come to Sarah. We must not loo

Prayer, Part 3

Matthew 6:9 We look at the introductory words to the Lord’s Prayer, „Pray, then, in this way,„ and begin looking at the preface, „Our Father who is in heaven.„

Eight Things the Lord Hates

Matthew 23:13-36 In today’s passage Jesus lists the reasons that the nation of Israel will be set aside as God’s covenant people. Jesus is here pronouncing God’s curse on the nation.

Prayer, Part 2

Matthew 6:5-8 In this lesson, we look at how we are to pray. Since prayer is an act of worship, it is important to the Lord how we pray. We are NOT to: *Use vain repetitions or meaningless phrases *Pray to be seen by men or to receive honor from men.

The Righteous Judgment of God

Genesis 19 This evening we look at God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. We see how this is a picture of God’s future judgment on the whole world. We also see how the way God saves Lot from the destruction of Sodom is a picture of the way He will deliver His people

The Way to Be Great in God’s Kingdom

Matthew 23:1-12 This week we again look at Jesus’ response to the Pharisees. Jesus points out the pride of the Pharisees and teaches us that if we would like to be great in the Kingdom of God then we must become a servant to all men. We look at examples of people who li

Prayer, Part 1

Beginning a series on the subject of prayer, we look at basic questions such as, ‘What is prayer?’, ‘Who can pray?’, ‘Whom do we pray to?’. We find answers from Scripture in each case.

Abraham’s Prayer for the Righteous

Genesis 18:16-33 We see Abraham taken into God’s confidence concerning His plans for Sodom and Gomorrah and consider the reasons God gives for this. Next we look at Abraham’s amazing intercession for Sodom and realize that Lot was probably the main subject of the prayer.

What Do You Think About The Christ?

Matthew 22:41-46 Jesus now asks the Pharisees a question concerning who they thought the Christ was. They understood the Scriptures which showed He must be descended from David but they could not respond to Christ when He demonstrated from Scripture that the Christ must b