Sermons from April 2002

Prayer, Part 8

Matthew 6:10 We look at the petition, „Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,„ which is something that must necessarily come with God’s kingdom.

The Flesh and the Spirit

Genesis 25:12-34 We examine the failings that can occur in a covenant family. We see that the faith of the parents is not always passed to children, even when they are raised according to God’s Word. We also see how God’s sovereignty works all things together for good, ev

Christ’s Warning to the Church, Part 5

Matthew 24:32-44 In this message we see Jesus begin his transition from speaking about the events that would take place in A.D. 70 to speaking about the events that will occur at his second coming.

Prayer, Part 7

Matthew 6:10 We look at the petition, „Your kingdom come,„ again from a different angle. We focus on whether the Bible indicates the success of the kingdom in this world before it comes in its final state.

The Preservation of the Promised Seed

Genesis 24 Looking at the account of how a wife is found for Isaac, we gain useful insights into the purpose of marriage and into the qualities a man should look for in a potential wife and the qualities a woman should cultivate that will be attractive to a godly ma

Christ’s Warning to the Church, Part 4

Matthew 24 Continuing our studies in this chapter, we see that the language that is used in verses 29-31 is consistent in Scripture with the language used to speak of God’s judgment on the nations and does not have to be understood as speaking of Christ’s coming on

Prayer, Part 6

Matthew 6:10 We explore the meaning of the petition, „Your kingdom come„ and seek to understand how it applies to us today. We are encouraged to take up this prayer on our own hearts.

The Death of Sarah

Genesis 23 Abraham faces the death of his wife of many years. We consider the fact of our death – that we must all face the death of loved ones in this world and ultimately face death for ourselves. We see how the hope of a believer is a great comfort both for the d

Christ’s Warning to the Church, Part 3

Matthew 24 Having seen what must take place before the destruction of Jerusalem, we now examine verses that reveal what would take place at the time of that destruction. We consider other interpretations of passages in Daniel and yet see that the emphasis of what Ch

Prayer, Part 5

Matthew 6:9 From the first petition, „Hallowed be Your name,„ we learn that God wants us to pray that all men everywhere would treat His name as holy; that they would treat Him as God.

Christ’s Warning to the Church, Part 2

Matthew 24 Returning to this familiar passage, we continue to explore what Jesus meant in His answers to the disciples. We see from their question and by looking at the first part of His answer that He had very much in mind the forthcoming destruction of the temple