Sermons from June 2002

Jacob’s Fear of Esau

Genesis 32:1-21 In this sermon we see how God protects Jacob in accordance with his covenant promises. We see that God protects Jacob by: * Sending a host of angels to protect him. * Giving him the wisdom to send messengers ahead of him to see what was in Esau’s heart

Judas’ Bargain

Matthew 26:14-16 Why did Judas follow Jesus? Why do people follow Him today? Why would God allow someone like Judas to be one of Christ’s disciples? In today’s sermon we examine all of these questions in detail. We see that Judas followed Jesus, and later betrayed Him, f

The Lord Sets Jacob Apart

Genesis 31 As we continue our study of Genesis, we see how important it is for God’s people to be set apart from the World. We look at how God showed Jacob that it was His will for him to return to the land of promise. We apply this to ourselves by seeing that God

The Lord Is Anointed for His Burial

Matthew 26:6-13 In this sermon we examine the great love that Mary showed to Jesus as He was approaching his death. From her example, we learn many things about the Christian’s love to Jesus. We see that all true Christians will act upon this love for Christ by serving

The Crucifixion Draws near

Matthew 26:1-5 Jesus again reminds His disciples about His coming crucifixion. We look at two aspects from this passage: That Jesus knew the crucifixion was coming but went through with it because of His love for His Father and for those He would save. That the leader

The Fulfillment of the Promise Begins

Genesis 29-30 We admire the faithfulness of our God as He begins to fulfill the promises He had made to Jacob – first by giving him a wife, then by multiplying his children and finally by increasing his wealth. We draw useful observations and lessons out of each of th

The Sheep and Goat Judgment

Matthew 25:31-46 In this sobering passage, we learn that there is a final judgment coming, and that it will be a judgment based upon our works, not upon our profession. We affirm that salvation is not by works, yet see that works are essential to vindicate our salvation

God Confirms His Covenant with Jacob

Genesis 28 We continue to study the book of Genesis, following the line of God’s people through which He has blessed the entire world by His Son. In this chapter we see that Jacob is sent to get a faithful wife from his relatives. On his way, God appears to him in

The Parable of the Talents

Matthew 25:14-30 Continuing with His consideration of His coming again, Christ shows the church through this parable how it is to act. We see the difference between the common actions of the Spirit, in those who may profess Christ but are not trusting in him, and the sav